Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administration

Foundational and advanced courses provide critical information and best practices for IRB administration.

About these Courses

Individuals responsible for the operations of IRB administrative offices and Human Research Protection Programs (HRPPs) play an integral role in the protection of human subjects and are key to effective operations.  These courses provide core training for IRB administrators.

The Foundations course delivers basic IRB administrator training that covers the operational and regulatory elements that IRB administrators need. It provides a basis for learners who will later move on to the advanced course.

In the Advanced course, learners gain a deeper understanding of the IRB administrator’s role by exploring key operational, management, and regulatory elements associated with IRB leadership positions.

These courses were written and peer-reviewed by experts.

Language Availability: English

Suggested Audiences: HRPP Directors, HRPP Professionals, IRB Administrators, IRB Chairs, IRB Directors

Basic Courses

IRB Administration Foundations


This course offers a foundational overview of the critical areas associated with IRB and IRB office operations.

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Advanced Courses

IRB Administration Advanced


This advanced, role-based course provides second-level training tackling topics of importance for experienced IRB administrators and HRPP directors.

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Combined Courses

IRB Administration Comprehensive


Provides IRB administrators and directors with the basic and advanced training tailored to the critical role the IRB serves in the HRPP.

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Who should take the IRB Administration courses?

These courses are designed for individuals who work in IRB administration roles, such as IRB specialists, regulatory analysts, IRB directors, and HRPP administrators. These courses are designed for new as well as experienced IRB administrators.

The foundations course can be used as foundational role-based training for learners needing basic IRB administrator training or organizations needing onboarding training for new IRB administrators.

The advanced course is designed for senior-level IRB administrators and directors who have taken the foundations course or those with two or more years of experience as an IRB administrator. It complements the foundational course and may be used for professional development.

The combined course is an option that allows independent learners and organizations to purchase the foundations and advanced courses together.

How do IRB Administration courses fit in with other CITI Program courses?

These courses supplement other CITI Program courses and provide specific training related to the IRB administrator role. These courses are not meant to replace Human Subjects Research (HSR) or Good Clinical Practice (GCP) courses.

Can learner groups include components from HSR and other subjects?

Yes, like all CITI Program educational materials, the modules that makeup HSR can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. This includes selecting modules from other CITI Program subjects (for example, Responsible Conduct of ResearchInformation Privacy and SecurityUndue Foreign Influence, and Good Clinical Practice), when creating a learner group. Additional subscription charges may apply.

An organization may also want to supplement this course with IRB topic-focused webinars, such as:

Will I be notified if these courses are significantly revised or updated?

Yes, CITI Program will notify administrators via email and post news articles on our website when courses are significantly revised or updated.