New Webinar – Facial Recognition Considerations for Researchers

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As an emerging technology, facial recognition is used for identity, authentication, and tracking. There are things that facial recognition systems do well; however, certain functions require caution, especially when tracking health, behavioral habits, medical conditions, or assertions about emotion detection and characteristics. This webinar explains how facial recognition systems work, benefits and risks, and common commercial applications. It also discusses social, ethical, and regulatory considerations for the use of facial recognition systems.



Researchers, Key Study Personnel, Students, Postdocs


Meet the Presenter

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Brenda K. Leong, JD, CIPP/US – Future of Privacy Forum

As Senior Counsel and Director of AI and Ethics at FPF, Brenda develops AI/ML educational resource materials, and manages biometrics and digital identity, particularly facial recognition. She works on standards, governance, and data management for practical solutions for consumer uses. Prior to working at FPF, Brenda served in the U.S. Air Force.