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What CITI Program is Reading – October 19, 2021

Posted By:  CITI Program Staff October 19, 2021

“What CITI Program is Reading” is our weekly blog series which highlights news articles curated by our staff and relevant to research, higher education, healthcare, technology, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming editions and more information from CITI Program.

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The World Health Organization honors the late Henrietta Lacks for her contributions to scientific research Source: CNN The World Health Organization on Wednesday honored the late Henrietta Lacks, whose cells have been used for innovative scientific research for decades, with an award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of medical science. Read The Full Article
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License of leading research chinchilla supplier permanently revoked Source: Science USDA judge calls animal welfare violations “absolutely astounding”; researchers may be left scrambling for animals. Read The Full Article
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Mind the Gaps: Ethical and Epistemic Issues in the Digital Mental Health Response to Covid-19 Source: Wiley Online Library Well before the Covid-19 pandemic, proponents of digital psychiatry were touting the promise of various digital tools and techniques to revolutionize mental health care. Read The Full Article
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Georgia Board of Regents approves changes to its post-tenure review guidelines Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The Georgia Board of Regents voted Wednesday to approve changes to its post-tenure review process that critics say will make it easier to fire faculty members and tougher to recruit professors. Read The Full Article
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Persecution of Mexican Researchers Reaches ‘Another Level’ Source: Inside Higher Ed Government is attempting to bring charges against 31 scholars.

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FDA Awards 11 Grants to Clinical Trials to Develop New Medical Products for Rare Disease Treatments Source: U.S. FDA The FDA awards $25 million worth of grants to principal investigators from academia to enhance the development of medical products. Read The Full Article
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Ireland’s draft GDPR decision against Facebook branded a joke Source: TechCrunch Facebook’s lead data protection regulator in the European Union is inching toward making its first decision on a complaint against Facebook itself. And it looks like it’s a doozy. Read The Full Article
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As journals proliferate, what happens when we can’t find enough peer reviewers? Source: University Affairs While a fee-for-service system may be justified in a world where transactional exchanges of time and money are commonplace, academic publishing seems to sit outside this because the incentives are not solely monetary. Read The Full Article
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Android Phones Can Still Track You Despite Opting Out—Study Source: Tech Times Don't feel safe just yet even if you opted out of user data tracking on your Android phone, according to a recent study. Read The Full Article
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Prioritizing Cybersecurity Awareness Training in the Wake of Phishing Attacks Source: Infosecurity Magazine Training improves the cyber resilience of employees and reduces the likelihood of an organization suffering a breach. Read The Full Article