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Laboratory Decontamination Methods

Provides an overview of methods used to decontaminate laboratory materials.

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Essentials of Clinical Trial Budgets

Foundational course on how to develop, negotiate, and implement a clinical trial budget.

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Disaster Response and Research Reactivation Efforts

Examines ways to improve future disaster response and research reactivation approaches.

Writing Your First R01

Introduces R01s and provides key information for individuals seeking to write their first R01.

New Data Sharing Requirements for NIH-Funded Research

Overviews the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy’s scope and requirements.

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NIH Career Development (“K”) Awards - Matching Needs to Opportunities

Provides an overview of NIH Career Development (“K”) Awards.

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IBC Chair

Provides Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) chairs with foundational training to perform their duties successfully and efficiently.

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Medical Monitoring for Drugs and Biologics

Foundational course covering the essential components of medical monitoring.

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Biotility: Good Documentation Practices (GDP)

Strategies for implementing compliance with GDP, as well as standards and procedures for accurately completing Records required for current cGMP.

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Biotility: Regulatory Approval for Medical Devices (United States)

Describes FDA’s regulatory controls for common marketing approval pathways for the classes of medical devices, and explains the Code of Federal Regulations that pertain to medical device approval in the U.S.

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Preparing to Publish in Traditional and Hybrid Journals

Covers key concepts in scholarly publishing and provides an overview of the publication process for both traditional and hybrid...

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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy for SBER: Implications for Researchers and IRBs

Learn about the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy’s impact on SBER.

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Quality Improvement Activities and the Common Rule

Learn to differentiate between QI activities and the types of activities that constitute regulated research involving human subjects.

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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Facilitator Guides

These guides provide resources and guidance for developing and facilitating in-person or virtual RCR training sessions.

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Race in Clinical Research: Ethics and IRB Decision Making

Explores the concept of race in clinical research and important ethical and regulatory questions.

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Research Equity and the Part We Play

Discusses ways to improve diversity and equity among clinical trial participants.

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Paying Participants in Research: Regulations, Ethics, and Practical Considerations

Understand factors that may determine participant payment decisions.

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Leveraging IT Insight in IRB Review

Discusses why technology-based expertise is critical to human subject protections and how to add IT insights to IRB review.

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Privacy and Ethics for Connected and Automated Vehicles

An overview of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) and the associated privacy and ethical challenges.

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QA/QI: Human Subjects Research

Learn about QA/QI programs, how to conduct an internal audit, and strategies for using the findings.

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Accident Investigation: An Introduction

Reviews how to properly conduct an accident investigation, including identifying the root cause and implementing corrective act...

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Biotility: Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)

Describes regulatory requirements for a CAPA system in the biotech industry.

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U.S. Department of Energy Interim Policy on Conflicts of Interest

Provides an overview of the U.S. DOE’s interim policy on conflicts of interest.

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How to Conduct an Audit of a Ceded Study

QA/QI professionals can learn to audit ceded studies for single IRB (sIRB) review.

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Laboratory Chemical Safety

This course covers the fundamental safety practices for working with hazardous chemicals in the laboratory.

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Navigating Online and Hybrid Teaching

Provides best practices for instructors on how to navigate the current challenges of online and hybrid learning while actively engaging with learners throughout the entire educational process.

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Becoming an Effective Leader

Helps develop leadership skills to meet today’s changing, diverse, and dynamic environments.

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CRA Soft Skills, Time Management, and Effective Site Relationships

Discusses the importance of CRA soft skills in building productive relationships with sites and sponsors.

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AI in Higher Education: An Overview

Explores the role of predictive analytics in higher ed, its ethical challenges, and ways to implement it ethically.

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Effectively Communicating Research Results to Non-Scientific Audiences

Learn how to communicate research results to the public and policymakers using different models and strategies.

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A 21st Century Approach to ADA Compliance: Equity and Access

Provides learners with practical tips to make ADA, Section 504, and accommodations in the 21st century more accessible and equi...

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CTrials by BRANY

CTrials helps grow sponsored research programs by taking on the many administrative challenges inherent in managing clinical trials.

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Protocol Builder

Protocol Builder is an online protocol writing and collaboration platform that also speed up your pre-review turnaround times.

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Tech Software

Tech Software a leading provider of SaaS compliance solutions for higher-education, academic medical centers, hospitals, government and biotech companies.

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The Network of Networks (N2)

N2 is a not-for-profit alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity.

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BIC Study Foundation

BIC Study Foundation is a resource for those who want to take CITI Program courses in Korean. They are a certified training provider by the Korean FDA/MAFRA for HRPP and ACU Programs.

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Our courses are built by over 150 highly qualified experts and rigorously peer reviewed to incorporate various perspectives and ensure accuracy, completeness, and overall quality.

Content Contributor Joanna Drowos

Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA

Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Joanna Drowos currently serves as an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and the Dean of Faculty Affiars at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University. She is also Director for the Clinical and Preventive Medicine Clerkship for the third year curriculum.

content contributor christy chang

Christy Chang, PhD

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Dr. Christy Chang was trained as a human geneticist and studied the genetics of complex diseases. Currently she is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) where she teaches molecular genetics, grant writing, and science communication.

content contributor dessi kirilova

Dessi Kirilova, MA

Qualitative Data Repository

Dessi Kirilova is the senior curation specialist at the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR). In addition to assisting researchers planning to publish their social science data, she teaches and publishes on topics around research transparency, data curation and the ethics of data sharing, including the role of IRBs.

Content Contributor Laurel Lyckholm

Laurel Lyckholm, MD

University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Dr. Lyckholm is a Hematologist /Oncologist and Palliative Care specialist. She is also trained in bioethics. Her primary interest is in provision of cancer and palliative care to underserved populations.

In Our Learners' Words

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Princess M.

PhD Student

The availability of two different platforms to deliver the information – written and audio-visual – catering to different learning styles was helpful. I also appreciated the self-paced modules that allowed you to return to complete unfinished work.

charlotte h

Charlotte H.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The infographics helped a lot with summarizing the overall concepts and main points.

monica l

Monica L.

Clinical Research Assistant

Courses are great and very informative.

tony p

Tony P.

English Language Arts Teacher

I liked how user-friendly the course modules were.

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